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8 Essentials For Any Detox Diet

Every now and then it’s helpful to reflect, take stock and give your body some time out.

You might feel that you’ve been neglecting yourself, or that it’s time to lose some excess pounds, or you might just want to reset your body.

Whatever the motivation, whatever the detox plan, we’ve put together a few essential tips for helping you successfully undertake a dietary overhaul.

Here’s 8 Essentials to Keep in Mind:

  • Say Goodbye to Meat

Not entirely and not forever. Try and limit your reliance on animal protein during your detox, since these foods require more resource for your body to digest. Instead try fish as a healthy alternative.

  • Load Up On Lemon

You can mix lemon and hot water for a morning cleanse or squeeze it in your salad dressing for an added boost. Lemon is known for its antioxidant properties, helping to activate detoxifying enzymes.

  • Super Blueberries

Everyone’s favourite superfood – blueberries are delicious and also contain antioxidants to help eliminate nasty toxins.

  • Snack

Remember, it’s a detox not a diet, and this mean keeping your sugar levels up. Therefore, a healthy snack every few hours will help stabilise your levels. Nuts, seeds and raisins are the ideal go-to.

  • Ginger Spice

If you’re planning to incorporate healthy juices into your detox, then ginger is a great addition to include, especially as it aids digestion.

  • Drink Water

Obvious but important – you need to keep hydrated, something easily overlooked if you’re eating less too. Aim for eight to ten cups a day, and don’t forget a squeeze of lemon!

  • Exercise

Healthy body, healthy mind and all… if you can aim for twenty minutes of high intense exercise a day, this will increase your energy and circulation, as well as lymph flow – important for processing toxins.

  • Be Kind

Be kind to yourself. As toxins leave your body you may be feeling sluggish and tired. Keep hydrated and don’t punish yourself with a gruelling regime.


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