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Ice Pops Three Ways

Since summer is here and we’re all fading in the heat, we’ve been turning to homemade ice pops to keep us cool.

They’re great fun for all the family to make, share and enjoy – plus a healthier option to some of the sugar-loaded shop bought alternatives.

Here’s three of our favourite recipes featuring fruit options:


Containing vitamin A and C, apricots are a great source of fibre.

For this recipe you’ll need six apricots, 500ml of plain or Greek yoghurt and 125ml of maple syrup.

Cut the apricots into chunks and puree along with the yoghurt and syrup.

Fill the mixture in your ice pop molds and freeze for at least four hours, or until solid.

2. Coconut Water Fruit Licks

We all know that coconut water is loaded with goodness – from potassium to calcium. This guilt-free treat will take you away to Caribbean shores.

You will need exotic fruit mix, or prepare your own including; pineapple, papaya, mango and dragon fruit. As well as ¾ cup of coconut water and two tablespoons of honey.

Blend your fruit mix with the coconut water and honey until smooth. Transfer to popsicle molds and freeze.

Best enjoyed with a splash of lime and side of sunshine

3. Prosecco Pops

Delicious to share with friends, or when the kids are asleep!

You will need 400g of strawberries, 4 tsps elderflower cordial, 2 tsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 tbsp caster sugar and 200ml of prosecco.

Using a blender or processor, combine the strawberries with the sugar, elderflower and lemon juice and blitz. Sieve the contents into a bowl, add in the prosecco and mix together.

Pour your mixture into moulds and freeze for a few hours. Remember alcohol based lollies melt quickly, so serve on a bed of ice cubes.



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