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Organic Holiday Kit


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The Organic Holiday Kit contains a variety of items. For starters, there is 10ml each of essential oils Organic Lavender, Organic Lemon, and Organic Tea Tree. There is also a 100ml each of Organic Vitality Massage Oil, Organic Geranium (Rose) Floral water, Organic Blended Base oil, and an elegant recycled mixing bottle made of Italian glass.
The items found on this kit are all helpful for anyone who has plans to go on a holiday. It can also serve as a great gift. The contents include products that can help promote good digestion, and cool skin that has been overheated and sun-exposed.

How to use

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

For an immediate calming effect, rub Organic Lavender Essential Oil on the wrists, temples, and feet (or anywhere). You may also rub 2-3 drops of lavender oil in your cupped palms and inhale the scent all the way into your amygdala gland in your brain to calm the mind. As a sleep aid, rub a drop on your palms and smooth on your pillow. For Eczema or Dermatitis, mix several drops of a nut or vegetable oil (coconut, sesame, etc.) and apply to the affected area. Apply a drop of on a bee sting or insect bite to stop itching and reduce swelling. Apply 2-3 drops oil on a minor burn or cut to decrease pain, bleeding, clean the wound and kill bacteria. To stop a nosebleed, put a drop on a tissue and wrap it around a small slice of ice; push the tissue covered ice to the base of the nose and hold as long as comfortable or until the bleeding stops (do not freeze the lip or gum). Rub onto dry, chapped or sunburned skin to soothe. To alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness, place a drop on end of the tongue, behind the ears or around the navel. Rub a drop of lavender oil between your palms and inhale deeply to help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever.

Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Both antimicrobial and antibacterial, use 1-2 drops of Organic Lemon Essential Oil on your hands after using a public bathroom. Add a few drops of lemon oil to water to create a handy on-the-go cleaning solution wherever you are to like cleaning tray tables on the airplane. To stay hydrated when sunbathing, flying or travelling, add 1-2 drops to a glass bottle or cup of water (lemon dissolves items made from petrochemicals and styrofoam); lemon enhances flavour and alkalises water, making tap water safe to drink. Using 1-2 drops in 8-10 ounces/ 225-300ml of water can be an excellent substitute for fresh lemon water, stimulating the immune system and helping with colds and flu.

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

To disinfect and clean, combine 4-5 drops of oil with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Rub 2-3 drops on the chest to assist with clear breathing. For the skin, put 3 drops on a cotton ball and apply to clean, dry affected areas of acne breakouts. As Tea tree oil is antiviral and antibacterial, use for any sort of infection of the respiratory system – boil water, add a few drops to the water and after removing the pot from heat, put a towel over your head and breathe in for 10-15 minutes.


Organic Lavender Essential Oil: Linalyl acetate, linalol, cis-b-ocimene

Organic Lemon Essential Oil: Limonene, b-pinene, y-terpinene

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil: Terpinen-4-ol, g-terpinene, a-terpinene


Organic Lavender Essential Oil

  • Antiseptic
  • Antifungal
  • Relieves stress, insomnia, and restlessness

Organic Lemon Essential Oil

  • Supports digestion
  • Good for absorption and digesting fat
  • Helps colds and flu

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • Anti-septic and disinfectant oil
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Treats blemishes and spots

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