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Squat Goals

Workout’s that work, from Jillian Michaels

There are few greater accolades in life, than being described as a businesswoman, fitness guru, wellbeing expert, TV personality, actress, gay icon and most important of all – Mum. Yet somehow Jillian Michaels has achieved all of the above.

Star of Reality TV

The breakout star of America’s compulsive reality TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’, Jillian first came to our screens in 2004. She has since released a series of successful weight-loss programs, workout classes and much more.

Creating workout’s that really work, we look to Jillian for inspiration.

Time to get crazy…

Using her YouTube video for ‘Crazy Push-Up Variations’, here are five different exercises you can practice at home, while watching here:


Jillian’s Crazy Push-Up’s; version 1

In the plank position, raise your body up, making sure your neck isn’t bent.
Move your body backwards, as you come forwards bring your left leg up, with your knee facing inwards.
Now do this again, but using your opposite knee.

Continue and repeat several times.

Jillian’s Crazy Push-Up’s; version 2

Once again, start in the plank position with your body raised.

From here go into a push-up, but as you come up, take your left arm and left leg off the mat until they meet. You left arm should rest on the length of your thigh.

Repeat this three times before switching sides.

Jillian’s Crazy Push-Up’s; version 3

This time you’re going to need a regular weight or dumbbell.

In the plank position get ready to do a push-up. But, instead of crunching down, use the dumbbell to rest your left arm on and go as far down as you can.
When you come up, switch hands and repeat on the other side.

You don’t need to fully extend down, since the dumbbell will be in the way.

Jillian’s Crazy Push-Up’s; version 4

Standing on your mat with straight legs allow yourself to ‘fall’ to the ground gently using outstretched arms to stop you.

Stretch out as far as you can, with your chest touching the ground, then use your hands to jump and push back until you’re back in the first position.

Keep your hands apart at good length, either side of your head.

Jillian’s Crazy Push-Up’s; version 5

This skilful workout requires co-ordination and patience!

In the push-up position, bring your right leg up behind you and in line with your buttocks. Then instead of going back to the position, bring your right leg under your body and the whole way around, until both your feet are on the ground facing the opposite direction you started in.

Take your left arm off the mat, turn and extend your arm out giving a big stretch.

Are we all sweaty now?! Good job!

For more great workout’s and fitness tips, visit Jillian’s website:


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