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The Essentials on Essentials Oils

Essential oils have long been used as part of relaxation and rehabilitation. However, could it be that these oils have even greater healing properties?

According to research by Baylor University Medical Centre, Dallas initial research suggests that some essential oils, may be able to inhibit the development of cancer.

Essential Oils and Wellbeing

Anyone who’s ever had a massage will appreciate the relaxing properties that essential oils can bring, offering physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Some in alternative medicine also believe that popular essential oils, including; jasmine, lemon, thyme, grapefruit, rose, chamomile, mint, cinnamon and ginger may help fight some cancers, as this article shows.

However, we recommend that you talk to your caregiver for professional medical advice.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, using natural ingredients – these can come from flowers, leaves, fruit, roots and even bark.

The easier the oil is to extract, the more affordable the product – hence pure essential oil extracted from orange peel is more affordable than that of rose petals.

The purest of essential oils, are those that are not mixed with man-made chemicals.

Essential oils are favourable, since they are highly concentrated and combined with carrier oil before used on the body.

At Omorewa, we believe in the natural healing properties of essential oils and stock only the highest quality therapeutic grade – pure organic essential oils, certified organic by the Soil Association.

What are Absolute Oils?

Absolute oils are highly aromatic oils extracted and concentrated from plants – some of the most notable being rose and jasmine. A careful process using solvent extraction enables the ‘absolute’ to be extracted, without damaging the aroma of the flowers. These cannot be certified organic, since they have tiny traces of solvent in them. However, the absolutes we stock are extracted from organic flowers.

We are one of the few companies in the word to offer organic steam distilled rose oil and organic neroli oil. These desirable products undergo a bespoke steam distillation process keeping the heat to a minimum to create a wonderfully fresh and pure aroma.

Organic Base Carrier Oils

Our commitment to finding only the finest, rarest and highest quality organic base oils, certified by the soil association, has taken us around the word.

Our cold pressed base oils are amongst some of the most luxurious – rich in natural minerals, vitamins and nutrients. They can be applied directly to the body, or combined with essential oils for to create your own bespoke blend.

Our Leading Range

We offer one of the largest ranges of certified organic base oils available.

Our prices cannot be beaten – a promise we will honour for quantities of 1 litre and under.

Food Grade Certified

We use only the finest organic ingredients in our oil range. As such, 99% of our organic oils are certified by the Soil Association and organic Food Grade – where applicable, this is shown at the bottom of the oil description page.

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