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Train Well and Eat Right

The importance of training well and eating right

If you’ve seen ‘that advert’ with Mo Farah, you’ll know he likes to deliver the importance of training well and eating right.

And he has a point.

But as anyone with dedication to a training regime will understand, you can boost your overall workout capacity by combining the right supplements. One of the most popular is branched-chain amino acids, better known as BCAAs.

Where can I get them?

Widely available, these supplements have been proven to work alongside exercise, notably weight training.

an organic shop may have a great variety to enjoy. It’s said that eating a variety of fruit and veg in different colours is a great way to boost antioxidants and vitamins. A simple way to incorporate this into your diet is by fruit platters for desserts, starting the day with morning smoothies and even freezing homemade watermelon ice-pops!

So, here’s what you need to know:

  • BCCAs are widely available, often in liquid or capsule form – they can also be included in some protein shakes and powders too
  • BCCAs can be useful if, like many of us, you find it impossible to eat before or after a strenuous workout
  • Popular with weight trainers, research has shown that complementing exercise with a BCAA supplement can prevent muscle tissue from being broken down, and can even improve muscle growth
  • BCAAs are said to improve endurance and reduce recovery time – significant to regular gym-goers
  • As with all supplements, BCAAs should not be used excessively, since it could impact on the levels of other nutrients in your body – vitamin B6 being the most notable
  • BCAAs can help improve the function that releases growth hormones during exercise. This catalyst is popular with those looking to gain muscle growth

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